* Air Charter to the Bahamas.

Mrs. Vivi Davidoff , CEO and the company founder and its main share holder.

Vivi is married and a mother of two.

She began her aviation experience as student pilot in 1999 and was graduated as commercial multi engine instrument rating pilot.

With her flying and business experience, Vivi managed to combine the unique customer service, complying with the individual needs. This special niche of flight services place Aviator Express as a leader in its market.

Captain Nissan Giat, Director of Operation

Nissan Giat is a professional aviator who builds his flying experience for over 15 years in the US.

Captain Giat has over 7,000 hours of flight time as a Captain, flight instructor and aviation management background.

In year 2001 he was the CEO of a charter airline in New York.

In Aviator express, Cap. Giat is in charge of the pilot's and the dispatcher's professionalism.

Maintenance support:

Aviator Express maintains its aircraft in T&B, Miami' FL.

T&B are a well experience maintenance facility known for its professionalism and follow the FAA regulations.

As a U.S. registered airline, Aviator Express meets the strict maintenance demands of both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Bahamian Civil Aviation (CAA).

Our airline is committed to a highest maintenance standard and insurance coverage.